Genius KM-110X PS2 Keyboard & Mouse Set


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Genius KM-110X PS2 Keyboard & Mouse Set

KM-110X from Genius combines a comfortable keyboard and optical mouse as a value added entry level kit. The black keyboard has 104/105/106 compatible keys enhances your Windows layout. The low-profile keycap structure provides an excellent touch and the water resistant function prevents against accidental drink spillages. The mouse features an 800 dpi optical sensor for great movement without worrying about any dust accumulation.

Key Features
Standard keyboard with 104/105/106 keys
Low profile key caps with low key noise
Laser engraved printing technology on key
Anti-water spill design
Optical mouse accelerates your working efficiency.

Weight 650g
Dimensions 54.5 x 19.0 x 4.5

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